Foodies love Seattle because of its wide range of culinary choices. Thanks to the diversity in the population, this California city is filled with a big selection of mouth-watering food joints. The next time you visit the city, check out these gourmet hotspots.

Seattle’s food scene is constantly evolving, and we have tried to bring in the most happening restaurants to this list.

Dingfelder’s Delicatessen

We will start the list with Dingfelder’s Delicatessen. The restaurant is a walk-up window at the moment and is still under construction. But this Jewish Deli is worth a visit for its pastrami sandwiches, towering corned beef and their most requested dish, chopped chicken liver. Visit them at 1318 East Pine Street.


A word of warning when visiting Bonchon, be ready to wait for a while. The Korean fried chicken chain recently opened a franchise in Seattle and the place is filled with customers throughout the day. Bonchon is famous for its double-fried wings, bibimbap and rice cakes. You will find at 554 Broadway.


Seven years ago, Bisato closed in Belltown. Acclaimed chef Scott Carsberg has now brought it back to life in Pioneer Square. If you visited the old restaurant, you will love the new ambience. They are serving old favourites like beet blinis and new additions like octopus puttanesca along with folded Pasta.

Sizzling Pot King

 If you love Chinese food, you must try Sizzling Pot King. The adventurous foodies can try their signature dry pot dish that comes with a choice of meats, lots of veggies and flavours. They will even adjust the heat level as per your needs. Their menu is famous for its Hunan specialities like Pan Fried Cauliflower with Pork, Braised Chicken with Brown Sauce and others.

 There are a few more great food joints you must try in Seattle.