Seattle is one of the relaxed, yet exciting holiday destinations on the western coast of the United States. The city is famous for its love of coffee, wine and beer. The wineries in the region have become famous for their high-quality vintages. In the last few years, the Washington wineries have been chosen for top honours in many categories, including the Wine of the Year.

 In this article, we will highlight some of the must-visit Wine Tastings in Seattle. You don’t even have to leave the city to taste most of these wines as many of them have tasting locations right in the city.

 The first one on our list is Charles Smith Wines at Jet City. The famous label has repurposed Dr Peppers bottling plant into a beautiful tasting room. They have two tasting places. We recommend the larger space upstairs reminiscent of the 60s wineries with large caskets.

Waters Winery at Walla Walla is another excellent tasting room that should be a part of every wine lover’s tasting tour. Created by Rockstar Jamie Brown, Waters is only a decade old. But the label is already competing with all the old and new winemakers of the area. Try their single-vineyard Syrahs if you are up to a challenge and tell us what you think.

South of Downtown, also check out Rotie Cellars. Their tasting room is a sight for the eyes and is as enchanting as their reds. Be sure to taste their GSM blends and Grenache.

Brian and Brandee started Structure Cellars as a basement-based experiment creating structured fruit-driven Washington wines. Their “Newel” Red Blend is famous for its food-friendly taste. Plus, you may also get to play with their two adorable pups.

Latta Wines, Kerloo Cellars are the other highly rated tasting rooms to check out.