What Makes Whiteboard Explainer Videos So Attractive?

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It seems that most of the explainer videos circulating online are actually whiteboard explainer videos. Many of you know this, but do you know why more and more companies opt for whiteboard explainer videos? What makes them best explainer videos out there?

They can educate viewers

According to many whiteboard explainer video makers, one of the benefits of these videos is that they can educate viewers and make them remember your offer. There is a hidden component that they use and that most people are unaware of. Namely, whenever someone looks at the whiteboard they are transported back in time when they were learning new things in school. The same happens with the whiteboard explainer videos. They work on a subconscious level and guarantee that viewers will memorize things easily.

An interesting way to tell a story

Of course, the fact that you will have a trip down memory lane is not the only reason why you should consider this specific type of explainer videos. The best explainer videos of this kind are allowing viewers to watch the development of the story directly. As you probably know, whiteboard videos usually rely on a hand that is drawing all the visual elements annually. It’s almost like you are participating in the process of creating an explainer video. This is an engaging form of storytelling that has proven to be effective. It’s very important to keep the audience focused on the video and this is exactly what you will get with whiteboard explainer videos.

Interesting characters

Almost every whiteboard explainer video comes with at least one interesting character. By providing this human aspect of the video, these explainer videos are more attractive and more interesting to watch. You can use a wide range of characters that can help you tell your unique business message. In many cases, companies stick to one character and use it in different explainer videos. In fact, some of them have used these characters to strengthen their brand. Whenever you notice the unique character from the video you will instantly associate it with the brand.

So, whiteboard explainer videos are popular for many reasons. They look great, they are easy to remember and they allow creators to unleash their creativity and come up with more than a simple explainer video used for promotion. Now that you know why they are so popular it’s the right time to make one.

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